Clackamas County activates free Wi-Fi Hotspots

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In an effort to ensure that residents in need of reliable internet access during the ongoing Stay Home order receive such connectivity, Clackamas County has built and activated a free Wi-Fi hotspot, with many more slated to open in the coming weeks. 

These hotspots have a range of about 200 feet. They are designed to allow for individuals to park in the hotspot area and access high-speed, reliable internet, free of charge. Each one will be located at a place with ample parking. 

The first hotspot, now active, is located at the Government Camp Fire Station in Government Camp. 

Future locations include, but are not limited to: 

  • Carus Elementary, Canby 
  • Ninety-One School, Canby 
  • Welches School, Welches 
  • Firwood Elementary, Sandy
  • Boring Middle School, Boring
  • Other sites to be added 

Residents and other interested parties can find a tentative schedule of when hotspots will be available at starting early next week. 

“Clackamas County Commissioners recognize that a real need exists for those who lack reliable internet connectivity,” stated Commissioner Ken Humberston. “The necessary closures of businesses, schools and libraries shines an even brighter spotlight on the digital divide in our society and county. With these Wi-Fi hotspots, Clackamas County is doing what it can immediately to give online access to those who need it.” 

Humberston continued: “After two years, we have taken the next step toward providing high-speed internet to our underserved rural communities. I want to thank my colleagues for their support of this initiative and look forward to the next steps of serving all of the underserved parts of Clackamas County.”

This initiative is part of the county’s Clackamas Broadband Exchange (CBX) program, which provides high-speed fiber broadband service to Clackamas County. More on CBX can be found at

At each hotspot, Clackamas County is working with a key strategic partner to ensure the project’s fruition. The county thanks each of these partners: Clackamas Education Service District, Oregon Trail School District, Canby School District, and SandyNet.

The county is also working in conjunction with different Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, to achieve connectivity at each spot. For example, the ISP for the Government Camp location is handled by SandyNet.

No passwords are needed at any of the hotspots. The network name to connect at the Government Camp Fire Station is “SandyNet-free.”

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