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Public invited to watch, comment on county budget

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The Board of County Commissioners would like to invite all interested residents and stakeholders to watch and provide comment at the county’s annual Budget Hearings next week.

The hearings kick off Tuesday, May 26, at 8:30 a.m. A full schedule can be found at The general outline is:

  • Tuesday, May 26: County service districts (North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District; Enhanced Law Enforcement District; Clackamas Water Environment Services; etc.)
  • Wednesday, May 27 – Thursday, May 28: General county budget, featuring presentations from county departments.
  • Thursday, May 28, 5:30 p.m.: Public comment period for general county budget.
  • Friday, May 29: Deliberation and action

Clackamas County is broadcasting all Budget Hearings live on Zoom – which also allows for telephonic participation – as well as the county’s YouTube page ( and the Clackamas County Government Channel.

The Zoom information for all meetings next week is:

Clackamas County Commissioners have successfully used Zoom for their regular Policy Sessions and Business Meetings since the COVID-19 pandemic spurred Oregon’s stay-at-home order.

The public is welcome to comment on any of the service district budgets or the general county budget at the appropriate times. Clackamas County will have a moderator that will prompt those online to give comment.

Service districts

On Tuesday, May 26, all service district committees will have public comment periods toward the end of their scheduled meetings. As sessions are only slated to last 20-60 minutes, it is recommended that individuals who wish to provide live public comment join the meeting at its start time via Zoom. That schedule is at

Service district public comments are also being taken over email. Please email service district public comments with the Subject Line “[Service District Name] public comment” to Parties should include their name and area of residence, and keep comments under 3 minutes.

General county budget

All public comments for the general county budget will be given on Thursday, May 28 at 5:30 p.m. This can either be done via the Zoom link listed above, or via email. Please email general county public comments with the Subject Line “County Budget public comment” to Parties should include their name and area of residence, and keep comments under 3 minutes.

All hearings will be archived to the county’s YouTube page.