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Clackamas County weighs Phase II reopening criteria

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At their Business Meeting on Thursday, June 4, the Board of County Commissioners weighed Phase II reopening criteria. 

The board heard from Dr. Sarah Present, Clackamas County Public Health Officer, and Nancy Bush, Clackamas County Disaster Management Director about where the county stands in meeting Phase II indicators for reopening.

“We have not seen the full impact of Phase I reopening,” said Dr. Present. “But we are seeing an expected increase in cases. I can’t confirm our curve is still fully flattened, it is currently wavy. We have work to do as a community before we are ready to move to Phase II.”

Governor Kate Brown outlined six indicators that counties must meet in order to move into Phase II reopening. Currently, Clackamas County is meeting four out of the six indicators.

We are not meeting the following indicators:

  • New cases do not increase more than 5% in the last seven days. We are not meeting this indicator given the outbreaks over the recent weeks and ongoing community spread.
  • New cases not traced to a known source is below 30% for the last seven days. We are not meeting this indicator. This number improved this week, but may fluctuate with ongoing community spread. We still need the community’s help with following public health recommendations to limit spread and to help contact tracers identify sources of new infections.

“We are working hard to keep our community members safe and protect the public during this pandemic,” says Bush. “We need our residents and businesses to work in partnership with us to continue flattening the curve in order to safely enter Phase II.”

Community members can help continue to flatten the curve by following safe practices such as:

  • Appropriate physical distancing
  • Washing hands
  • Wearing face coverings when out in the public
  • Staying home when you’re sick, even if you are only experiencing minor symptoms – or just aren’t sure.
  • Cooperating with Public Health contact tracers’ interviews and recommendations if you do get COVID-19 or are a close contact to someone who does. 

We will continue to monitor the public health indicators on a weekly basis and once ready will make the decision about submitting a request to the Governor’s Office to enter Phase II.

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Kimberly Dinwiddie
Public Information Officer