Clackamas County Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory results to be shared with the public June 29

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A GHG inventory measures a community’s or organization’s carbon footprint, or contribution to climate change, through emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Such inventories are a standard and important tool used to develop climate action plans, which Clackamas County is beginning to do.

The GHG report will serve as a foundational document for County’s climate action plan, which will be developed over the next couple of years. The report was completed earlier in 2020 and presented to the Board of County Commissioners at a June 9 policy session

The June 9 presentation materials and video are available at
The full report is available here (

Information about how to participate in the online workshop is here: People are invited to submit questions in advance to

The presentation will be recorded and posted on the county’s climate action plan website. 

For more information, contact or go to

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