Please help aid in safe evacuations

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Level two and three evacuations are happening throughout Clackamas County. Here are some reminders that will aid in safe evacuations.

Don’t go back. Once you have evacuated your home, do not go back until fire officials announce it is safe to do so. Please do not take trips back and forth from your Level III evacuated home and evacuation site.

Keep off the roads if possible to allow space for Level III evacuees. Evacuations are leading to gridlock on roads leaving the evacuation areas. Please limit your trips to essential trips only. If you are at a Level II evacuation continue to get ready for evacuations and please delay your trip to allow Level III evacuees to get to safety.

Level II evacuation means Get Set to evacuate, meaning get ready to go, not go right now. 

Please do not water your home to prevent fires. There is a risk of running out of water that will hinder firefighting efforts. 

Evacuation shelters and camping. Shelter and camping information is updated at

Evacuations and COVID-19.  People with a diagnosis of COVID-19, please take the following precautions:

  • Avoid going to a public shelter
  • If family members check into a shelter, stay in your vehicle. Make sure family members explain status of COVID-19 relative to shelter staff when checking in.
  • Avoid staying with those most vulnerable (elderly, pregnant women, etc.)
  • Seek evacuation location with a private room
  • Continue to wear a face coverings

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, Clackamas County Public Health has sent you a letter with a resource phone number on it. Please call that number for further support services if needed.