Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners Statement on Wildfires

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Today the Board of Clackamas County Commissioners issued the following statement: 

Words cannot express our relief that no lives to date were lost during the historic wildfires that have ravaged our county in the past weeks.

We realize that the safety and care of yourself, family and neighbors during this time was a community effort. Thank you. 

Thank you for being quick to act, to follow evacuation orders and for taking care of one another. Your actions demonstrates that we are all Clackamas Strong. We are proud to serve you.

In Clackamas County, we’re urban, suburban and rural.  We live in the woods, rural areas and small towns that are adjacent to densely populated urban areas. This makes us unique. These past few weeks we have experienced the impacts of wildfires to our community. These massive infernos engulfed our forests, devastated our communities, exposed us to hazardous smoke, evacuated thousands and destroyed homes.

We are committed to working with our state and federal partners to address the root cause of these wildfires in order to protect our community and to honor our natural resources. It is incumbent upon all levels of government to examine the causes of these mega fires and implement long-term solutions that will reduce the threat of wildfires.  

Our top priority is protecting your safety and livelihood. We are supporting the firefighting efforts and making a path for your road to recovery. We want to work with you to strengthen our community and learn how we can better support you for the next time disaster strikes.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Department Staff
Kimberly Dinwiddie
Public Information Officer and Policy Liaison