#ClackCo Clerk Office statement on equipment failure

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Please note: This press release has been updated to correct a typo.

The following statement is from the Clackamas County Clerk’s Office:

A short while ago, our Elections Office experienced an equipment failure with our envelope opener. Technicians are gathering parts and the machine is expected to be repaired overnight and ready for operation when ballot processors return 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. 

Our office is still on track to release initial results at or shortly after 8 p.m. tonight. Approximately 165,000 ballots will be included in that count which is what we expected to release today.

The envelope opener that malfunctioned is not connected to any of the ballot readers or smart machines and does not affect the ballots themselves.

This incident does not alter our Office’s expectation to complete ballot processing by Friday, Nov. 6. 

If, for whatever reason, we cannot operate the machine tomorrow morning, the ballots will be opened by hand.

The machine had received preventative maintenance on Sept. 30, and nothing was found to be wrong. An image of the machine appears below.

Envelope opener

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Kimberly Dinwiddie
Clackamas County PIO and Policy Liaison