Chair Bernard Statement on Sandy Mayor unsubstantiated claims on COVID-19 case data

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I am dismayed by the unsubstantiated claims by Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam to the press relating to the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the Sandy area.

Data related to COVID-19 cases in Clackamas County has been available to the public. We are always willing to discuss and share COVID-19 data with community leaders.

We understand that everyone is tired of this global pandemic. We understand that businesses who remain restricted or closed want to open and that they have been hit hard over the last several months. We share the desire to reopen. Yet reopening must be balanced with keeping our communities safe.

Unsubstantiated claims about data tampering or padding erodes public trust, fosters fear in the community and is insulting to the public health officials, healthcare workers and public servants who are working tirelessly to keep you and your community safe. What would Clackamas County’s motive be to tampering with data? We gain noting and certainly have not wished to cause businesses to fail.

Public Health officials have the duty to truthfully share information and facts related to diseases in the communities they serve. It is unfair to target the ethics of an agency or the people who serve the community when the truth is something that is undesirable and painful.

We must work together to work towards reopening and recovery. Spreading unsubstantiated claims within the community only leads to further division.

We can see the end of this pandemic ahead. Please continue to keep up the good work in keeping your family and neighbors safe from COVID-19. 

Here is the information the Mayor is requesting:

Date Geographic Area Case Count Population Rate per 100,000
Dec. 14–27 Clackamas County 1,499 424,747 353
Dec. 14–27 Sandy 97055 105 20,086 523
Dec. 14–27 Estacada 97023 58 11,409 508

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