In the Matter of Declaring a Local State of Emergency and Declaring Emergency Measures 

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Whereas, ORS 401.305 provides authority for Clackamas County to act as an emergency management agency, including authority to establish policies and protocols for defining and directing responsibilities during time of emergency; and 

Whereas, Clackamas County has enacted a local ordinance (County Code Chapter 6.03) pursuant to the authority granted by ORS  Chapter 401, that provides for executive responsibility in times of emergency and specifically delegates authority to declare a state of emergency to the County Chair, Vice-Chair (if Chair is unavailable) and County Administrator or designee (if Remaining Board Members  is unavailable); and  

Whereas, the following conditions have resulted in the need for a state of emergency: 

Winter storm in progress in Clackamas County and surrounding area.  Heavy ice and snow beginning on February 12 and expected continued ice and snow through February 14, 2021. 

Whereas, the following damage to life and property can be expected from the above conditions: 

Currently 105,000 are without power in Clackamas County.  Heavy ice has caused many roads to be closed and are extremely dangerous.  Clackamas County Government Campus is without power and generators have frozen, which is causing network and communication issues.  Several cities are without power and internet communications. 

Whereas, the entire county is in a state of emergency. 

Whereas, County Code Chapter 6.03 and ORS 401.309 authorizes certain actions to be taken during a state of emergency when necessary for public safety or for the efficient conduct of activities to minimize or mitigate the effects of the emergency; and 

Whereas, ORS 401.055 provides that upon request of Clackamas County, the Governor may declare a state of emergency by proclamation; and

Whereas, a preliminary assessment of property damage or loss, injuries or death is set forth hereinabove, and 

Whereas, all local resources have, or will likely be, expended, and there is need of the following additional resources from the state. 
Need for assistance with road and debris removal and possible need with communications.