Media Release: Clackamas County requests National Guard outreach to residents without power


In the aftermath of one of the worst winter storms in many decades, a significant number of residents of Clackamas County continue to be without power and access to food and water due to extreme natural damage and destruction. 

In order to reach every resident in need, particularly in rural areas, Clackamas County and State leaders have requested Governor Brown to deploy National Guard members to assist in door-to-door wellness checks. This will expand the reach of several Resource Centers that have recently been established in the county to distribute food and water, as many will remain without power for several days.

Many residents cannot come to the centers, because of this National Guard members will help deliver basic necessities to the homebound. 

“We are grateful the State has offered to help since the beginning of this historic storm. We have asked for support from Guard members to provide wellness checks to allow us to reach every household. We are particularly concerned about our rural residents, making sure that those who are homebound are visited and the medically fragile and small children are taken care of,” said Clackamas County Chair Tootie Smith. “We need assistance from the State in order to make every effort to help residents without the basics to survive while we all get through this.”

Details and timing of the deployment are still being determined but expected within the next day. This support is arriving before the aftermath of this storm takes another life. 

“Having even one life at risk due to the aftermath of the winter storm is untenable. With the help of the National Guard, our odds of connecting with everyone who remains without power are much greater,” said Oregon State Representative Christine Drazan. “My thanks to the Governor for calling up the National Guard to help protect the lives and safety of our neighbors.”


Contact: Kimberly Dinwiddie-Webb, Public Information Officer
Phone: 971-219-7271