Housing Authority of Clackamas County Board approves Supportive Housing Services Implementation Plan and releases funding opportunity for program

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Last May, Metro voters approved a measure that will raise money for a new Supportive Housing Services Program that is aimed to end chronic homelessness in the region.

With this funding, an estimated $51 Million annually for Clackamas County, people experiencing homelessness or those at risk of homelessness will have access to much-needed services, including rent assistance, employment assistance, and behavioral health services.

On Tuesday, April 13, the Housing Authority Board unanimously approved the Local Implementation Plan that includes the framework for how Clackamas County will prioritize the use of these new funds. The plan will now move on for review and approval by the Regional Oversight Committee, and finally Metro Council.

“This plan was truly created by a community-driven effort, and is supported by business alliances, community organizations, faith-based groups, and people with lived experience,” said Commissioner Sonya Fischer. “I am proud of all the hard work and creativity that has gone into building a flexible plan that will allow us to really meet the specific needs of the Clackamas County residents that this measure is meant to support.”

What’s next: Notice of Funding Opportunity for Service Providers

The approval of the plan, which includes an emphasis on advancing racial equity and expanding partnerships with culturally specific providers in the county, moves the county one step closer to launching the new Supportive Housing Services Program in July 2021.

“This new funding will give us the opportunity to expand much-needed services, collaborate with new partners, improve coordination and, most importantly, allow many more of our unhoused neighbors to end their homelessness,” said Housing Services Manager Vahid Brown. “In addition to our community partners in this work, we encourage new organizations and those that haven’t previously worked with Clackamas County to apply for funds.”

The Housing Authority of Clackamas County will accept proposals for funding between April 16 and May 17, 2021. Applicants must center racial equity and incorporate culturally responsive practices into their service delivery model.

Services offered should fit in in the following categories:

  • Outreach and Engagement
  • Coordinated Housing Access and Diversion
  • Immediate Housing
  • Housing Navigation and Placement
  • Supportive Housing
  • Short Term Rental Assistance (STRA), Rapid Rehousing (RRH), and homelessness prevention
  • Wrap-around Supports

Detailed descriptions of these categories and the county’s priorities for funding are available online; ORPIN number for reference is C03343-04-2021-21.

Organizations are encouraged to apply for multiple categories and may be awarded for multiple years, depending on the project or service provided.

Programs funded must be located in and/or provide services within the Metro jurisdictional boundaries of Clackamas County. A map of these boundaries can be found online.  

Submitted projects will be reviewed and scored by members of the county’s Continuum of Care Steering Committee.

“This is truly a pivotal moment for housing work in the region,” said Director of Housing and Housing Services, Jill Smith. “Without this new funding, it would take us decades to end chronic homelessness in Clackamas County, and we will now be able to connect our most vulnerable residents with the support and services they need much sooner.”

For questions about the funding opportunity, email Vahid Brown at haccshs@clackamas.us.

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