Clackamas County announces winners of the 2020 Drive to Zero Art Contest

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Clackamas County introduced the winners of its 2020 Drive to Zero Art Contest to promote safe driving at the April 22, 2021 Board of Commissioners meeting. The county will integrate the artwork from the following five talented high school students into the county's Drive to Zero traffic safety campaign that seeks to reduce all serious and fatal traffic crashes to zero by 2035. 

  • Kenzie Prock (Molalla High School) – 1st place, $300 prize,  
  • Carly Shanklin (Wilsonville High School) – 2nd place, $200 prize,  
  • Tirzah Vest (Lake Oswego High School) –3rd place, $100 prize  
  • Gillian Moore (Sandy High School) – honorable mention and  
  • Kyra Schulz (Rex Putnam High School) -- honorable mention 

High school students in Clackamas County were invited to participate in the biennial "Drive to Zero Art Contest," which Clackamas County has sponsored since 2008. The County received 21 entries from various high schools in Clackamas County. The goal of the contest is for students to create artwork that promotes safe driving to others in the community.

The winning posters can be viewed at:

Rob Sadowsky, the County's Transportation Safety Outreach Coordinator, says, "This year's entries were spectacular. Kenzie's work is highly creative featuring a comic book-style story panel that highlights the importance of putting away your mobile device when you drive because the risks are simply too great. Her superb artwork is combined with a clear call to action: Stay Attentive. Arrive Alive."

Clackamas County's Drive to Zero program focuses on reducing injuries and fatalities on our roadways, with the goal of reducing fatal and serious injury crashes to zero by 2035. Sadowsky noted, "Clackamas County is committed to reducing serious crashes on our roads. We know that we need to reduce distracted driving to reach our Drive to Zero goals."

State Farm Insurance provided financial support for the campaign. Ty Cordova, State Farm's Corporate Responsibility Analyst, says, "State Farm is a strong supporter of driver safety. We believe it is our responsibility to help engage teens in traffic safety efforts. It is through our relationships with programs like Clackamas County's 'Drive to Zero' Teen Outreach Campaign that we can collectively work to make an impact on the safety of all drivers."

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Rob Sadowsky
Traffic Safety Outreach Coordinator