BCC Implores Clackamas Residents to be Vigilant in 4th COVID Surge

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Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners sends the following message to residents and businesses:

Clackamas County is among those counties that have been moved into “extreme risk” this week by the Governor due to surging COVID-19 cases. That means infection rates are rising at a rate serious enough for the Governor to place restrictions on movement in our county to control the spread of the disease. 

Our business community, restaurants, and planned public events will all need to regroup and shutter indoor activities as a result. This is distressing news for all of us as it puts another surprising and unpredictable obstacle in front of those who propel our economy. We are aware this “fourth surge” has the potential to permanently close many of our businesses in Clackamas County.

We can turn this around only by reducing the rise of COVID cases whatever the cause: increased community activity, emerging new variants, or vaccine hesitancy. As your Board of County Commissioners, we implore you to work with your fellow Oregonians to:

  1. Get Your Shot.
  2. Wear Your Mask.
  3. Keep Your Distance.

Many of our businesses have invested in creative ways to minimize risk to their customers and to continue to serve the community safely. We need immediate emergency relief funding for our owners and operators so they will have a future once this global pandemic is under control. We are asking the Governor for state funding for our businesses and we will be making county resources available as well. This week, the US Small Business Association announced that funding for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund of $28.6 billion in federal dollars will open on Monday, May 3.

We will continue to press the Governor for better notice, collaboration and certainty in the days ahead so our economy can rebuild. We urge you to help us make this case by doing your part to keep our community safe and strong.

We are hosting vaccination clinics throughout county. However, appointments fill up fast. There is more demand for the vaccine than we have supply. You can also get a vaccine at the Oregon Convention Center and Portland Airport. While we realize this is not ideal for residents, you may get your vaccine faster by going to these mass vaccination sites in Portland. 

To learn more about where you get your vaccine: