Commissioners Approve Development of Procurement Team and Process for New County Courthouse

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On May 20, County Commissioners authorized use of a competitive proposal process to obtain a public-private partnership (P3) project company for the Clackamas County Courthouse Replacement Project.

Today's action allows a team of county staff to post a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in late June or early July in order to locate and secure a qualified project company for the courthouse project. The private partner will finance, design, and build the new courthouse by 2025, and maintain the building over a 30-year period.

The state and the county will not make any payments until the building is completed and ready for occupancy. With a P3 procurement, the county is always the owner of the building and the state's position is identical to that of a conventional procurement approach.

Upon completion of the new courthouse building, the state contribution will be applied as a lump sum payment towards the private financing with the remainder repaid by the county over a 30-year term per the project agreement.  

The P3 approach was determined to be the most cost-effective plan based on extensive analysis of alternatives. The new courthouse building will be built without any additional tax increases.

On May 5, the Commissioners formally approved the plan to use a P3 approach to build a new courthouse. The current courthouse, built in 1936, has been determined to be functionally obsolete and seismically unsound.

The county plans to build a new courthouse on the county’s Red Soils Campus in Oregon City. The new building will meet projected county needs for the next 50 years and comply with specifications outlined by the Oregon Judicial Department.

For more information, visit the new courthouse project website.

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