Clackamas County FY 2021-22 budget


Today, July 1, marks the first year of the 2021-22 Fiscal Year budget for Clackamas County. 

The Board of County Commissioners formally adopted the fiscal year 2021-22 budgets on Wednesday, June 16. That action followed a series of public meetings and hearings by the county’s budget committees in late May. 

The adopted budgets total $1,410,890,377, which includes property taxes, dedicated state and federal funds, grants and other revenue sources.

The adopted general budget for Clackamas County is $1,035,465,469, including reserves.

The adopted budgets, including reserves, for county-governed districts and agencies are:

  • Clackamas County Development Agency, $42,043,286
  • Clackamas County Enhanced Law Enforcement District, $8,007,681
  • Clackamas County Extension and 4-H Service District, $10,967,078
  • Library Service District of Clackamas County, $22,973,735
  • North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District, $38,352,943
  • Street Lighting Service District No. 5, $5,374,979
  • Water Environment Services, $247,705,206

The budget for the Housing Authority of Clackamas County, which is not included in the above figures, is $74,704,477. That budget was passed on Thursday, June 24

To review additional budget documents and other related content, please visit the county’s budget page