Clackamas County’s Commitment to Economic Recovery Post-Pandemic

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Clackamas County experienced significant and adverse economic impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic that began on March 4, 2020. Businesses and the greater economy have suffered financial distress, workforce shortages, business closures and uncertainty for these last 16 months.

During the pandemic Clackamas County took several actions to mitigate and combat these effects for the business community including offering small business loans and grants, developing Business Recovery Centers, providing personal protection equipment (PPE) and offering zoning modifications.

As the state restrictions associated with the pandemic have now been lifted, the Board of County Commissioners, is committed to the economic recovery of this community. Approval of this resolution acknowledges the need to call on the State for additional resources and commits the County to looking at support opportunities that move the economy towards recovery and resiliency.

The purpose of this resolution is to adopt a resolution that recognizes, encourages, and supports Clackamas County’s continuing commitment to business and economic recovery and resilience.