Serenity and Haven Houses

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Imagine exiting the justice system with no home to return to, as well as the additional struggle of a persistent mental illness, substance use disorder, or co-occurring disorder. Your situation would seem hopeless without programs like Serenity and Haven Houses. These transitional homes offer safety, shelter and the services to stabilize some of our most vulnerable residents.

Together, the Serenity and Haven Houses have been a high performing program, managed by Clackamas County Community Corrections and administered through a long-standing partnership with Bridges to Change. This program not only offers shelter, but each house has certified recovery mentors, behavioral health care providers, and probation officers that participate with individual care teams. 

Due to changes in state funding, this program was at risk of ending. Investment starting this past July (by the SHS program) ensures that the county will be able to continue to provide this mental health housing resource and increase the housing success of this unique population.

 “You guys at Haven House helped me a lot, and if I wasn't able to stay there, I wouldn't have my 
own place now. I appreciate everything Haven House and the staff did for me.” 
-Haven House Graduate 

“Serenity House allowed me a safe place to get clean, set goals, build healthy relationships, 
become active in my children's lives, and learn to love myself again.” 
-Serenity House Graduate