Supportive Housing Services: Melissa’s success story

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County resident Melissa has faced many challenging obstacles in life: a physical disability that requires assistance when lifting things and moving around, and being homeless for the past several years. 

But by receiving care and services through the county’s Supportive Housing Services (SHS) program, Melissa says she can finally start a new chapter of her life. 

First, our SHS team matched her with partner service provider Northwest Family Services (NWFS), which placed her in their housing stability program this past December. There, Melissa’s case manager helped find a new home that fit her needs – she now has an apartment and is renting with assistance from the county’s Regional Long-term Rent Assistance (RLRA) program. 

NWFS also referred her to local furniture bank Community Warehouse, where she secured furnishings for her new home. Due to her disability, NWFS and the SHS program covered the moving company costs. Plus, utilizing NWFS’ food bank, Melissa can now cook fresh homemade meals. 

Melissa loves to hear from her case manager, Jeni, and they have built a strong relationship over the last few months. 

This is just one of the many success stories of the SHS program! Please check our website for updates and to sign up for our newsletter

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