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On March 28, the SHS program opened six procurements for programs and services. These procurements opened up approximately $6.2 million in additional funding for community based organizations, laying the foundation for SHS program continuation/expansion over the coming months, which includes: 

  1. Veterans Village operations / Case management: Continued support for the Veterans Village, a transitional shelter community located in the urban unincorporated community of Clackamas.
  2. Emergency shelter operations: The SHS program is providing funding to support, expand, and establish emergency shelter operations within the Urban Growth Boundary in Clackamas County. Households entering these shelters will receive diversion services, Coordinated Housing Access (CHA) screenings, access to onsite amenities, and connections to both housing navigation and long-term supportive housing case management services. 
  3. Outreach and engagement: Services help locate individuals as they come to the top of CHA housing waitlists, provide supplies to help people experiencing homelessness meet their basic needs, provide connections to Safety off the Streets services, and offer specialized mental health or culturally specific outreach services. 
  4. Justice System diversion supportive services: An integrative service program managed by a community based organization in collaboration with county law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney’s Office, and our Health, Housing and Human Services department. These services will focus on diverting households experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness from arrest and incarceration toward voluntary engagement in case management and housing services.
  5. Housing Authority peer support services: Services support residents in Housing Authority of Clackamas County programs and properties. Peer support specialists identify and provide supportive services for residents in need, plan and coordinate community events for residents, create and implement resident initiatives, and assist residents with resource referrals and systems navigation.
  6. Supportive housing case management and Shelter Plus Care: The SHS program will expand its existing supportive housing case management system and procure case management services for the county’s federally-funded Shelter Plus Care program. These services are dedicated to ensuring participants remain in permanent housing by providing highly flexible services tailored to meet the unique needs of each household.
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