Rate adjustments proposed to go into effect July 1, 2022

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Clackamas Water Environment Services (WES) goes through a budget process each year to plan for operating, debt, and capital investments that reflect WES’ needs and priorities, and establish sanitary sewer and surface water rates for the following fiscal year.

WES is always focusing on how to best provide sanitary sewer and/or surface water management services to nearly 200,000 Clackamas County residents. The FY 2022-23 budget and accompanying proposed rate adjustments are built around a long-term financial strategy to ensure that WES can continue to effectively protect public health and the environment, provide the infrastructure necessary to support economic development, and deliver services in the most cost-effective manner for ratepayers. This strategy covers maintaining operations, implementation of a projected 10-year capital improvement plan, and balancing service charges so that customers’ rates are based on the services received and not simply their geographic location.

The FY 2022-23 budget proposes 5% increases to the monthly sanitary sewer and surface water rates to provide funding for WES’ operating, maintenance, and capital investment needs. For some customers, this rate increase is offset by decreases in the amounts charged to pay for past debt.

The WES budget was approved by the Budget Committee on May 23. The formal adoption by the Board of County Commissioners will be considered at a public hearing on June 9.

View the WES 2022-23 Proposed Budget

Clackamas Water Environment Services produces clean water and protects water quality. It’s our job to ensure that residents and visitors enjoy the benefits of safe, healthy water for generations to come.

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