Lower Clackamas County vehicle registration fee for light utility trailers begins in January

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Notices begin going out in November

Owners of light utility trailers in Clackamas County will see their county vehicle registration fee (VRF) decrease by more than 80 percent beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

The fee will drop from $30 per year to $5 per year in response to action taken by the Board of County Commissioners in April 2021. The reduction was recommended by the county’s Community Road Fund Advisory Committee after reviewing concerns from community residents.

The lower fee will be reflected in registration fee notices sent to trailer owners by Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services beginning in November. It will apply only to county residents who own a light trailer that is required to be licensed by the state.

The reduction applies only to the countywide vehicle registration fee, not to the state fee on light utility trailers.

The VRF went into effect in January 2020 to provide a local source of revenue to allow the county and cities in the county to complete road projects that are important to residents and businesses.

Revenue from the VRF supports the Community Road Fund program, which funds road transfers, congestion relief, local road paving, and safety projects on county roads. The fee reduction for light utility trailers will have a minimal impact on revenue for road construction projects, and will not have any impact on projects currently underway.

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