ClackCo’s Veterans Employment Program is here to help

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men repairing a machineIf you know a veteran who needs help finding or keeping a job, Clackamas County’s Veterans Employment Program is here for them. 

We work one-on-one with former service members who have barriers to employment, helping them figure out the career they want, get the training and tools they need, and find and land the job they deserve.

We also work closely with other veteran-specific organizations that help with housing, social services, vocational rehabilitation, and other needs that improve long-term job prospects.

Some veterans may think they don't qualify for programs like this. But we’re not the VA; we have our own rules about who we serve. If someone has served any time in the military, they may be eligible.

And yes, we’re veterans, too, so we get it: Many veterans are loathe to admit weakness and/or accept help.

But we all needed training and support to make it in the military, and our Veterans Employment Program is here to do the same for veterans after separation. And it’s a benefit they have already earned.

This Veteran’s Day, urge the former service members in your life who are looking for work to reach out to Clackamas County’s Veterans Employment Program at 503-655-8840.