New opening on ABCs: SD5 Budget Committee, Planning Commission, Public Health Advisory Council

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Clackamas County Commissioners are seeking interested residents to serve on county Advisory Boards and Commissions (ABCs). These ABCs offer residents the opportunity to become very involved in specific activities and the goals of Clackamas County.

Individuals interested in this opportunity can apply online or via a paper form that can be obtained from the Public & Government Affairs Department by calling 503-655-8751.

Clackamas County Service District No. 5 Budget Committee

Clackamas County Commissioners are seeking two volunteers interested in serving on the budget committee for Clackamas County Service District No. 5 (CCSD#5). The purpose of this Committee is to review and ensure timely and cost effective street lighting operation, maintenance and installation for property owners within the lighting district.  The term is for three years. 

The Committee for CCSD#5 currently meets virtually through a zoom meeting twice a year between May-June. Experience and participation in an advisory committee is helpful as a base of knowledge for committee work, but not necessary. We are looking for members from diverse backgrounds, including race, creed, color, sex, age, heritage, national origin or income. 

The application deadline is March 29. For more information about SD5 please call Wendi Coryell at 503-320-8764 or email at

Planning Commission

Clackamas County is seeking two volunteers interested in serving on its Planning Commission.  To help ensure the Planning Commission represents the entire County, applicants from all geographic areas of the County are encouraged to apply

The nine-member Planning Commission advises the Board of County Commissioners on land use applications and land use legislation in accordance with the requirements of State law, the County Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning & Development Ordinance. Members do not need to be land use experts, but should be interested in engaging in discussions on countywide land use issues.  

Planning Commission members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to four-year terms, which will expire on April 30, 2027.

The Planning Commission conducts its business through public hearings and work sessions usually scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on second and/or fourth Mondays of each month.  Planning Commission meetings are currently taking place virtually via the Zoom online platform but may be held in person at the Development Services Building in the future.  

The deadline for applications is March 22, 2023. For more information about the Planning Commission, contact Darcy Renhard via email at

Public Health Advisory Council

Clackamas County Commissioners and the Clackamas County Public Health Division are seeking interested residents and/or those who work in Clackamas County, to serve on the Clackamas County Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC). Those who represent a following category are encouraged to apply: 

  • Business: Chamber of Commerce, business owner or employee, industry, agriculture, technology, economics, etc.
  • Education: Public and private Pre-school – 12th grade, alternative setting, community college, higher education, special education, home school, etc.
  • Community: faith-based, community volunteers and advocates, parents, care givers, professional staff, foster parent, senior citizen, human services recipient, etc.
  • Health Care: direct care provider, health care system staff or administration, health care advocate, specialized care staff, dental and behavioral health representatives, etc.

Serving on PHAC offers individuals the opportunity to become involved in public health related activities and address the priority community health improvement goals of Clackamas County.  The purpose of PHAC is to: 

  • Advise the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners and Public Health staff in the development of activities, strategies, and priorities to achieve community health improvement goals.
  • Review and develop reports, planning documents and publications. Make funding and policy recommendations to assure alignment with public health goals and standards.
  • Link public health programs and services to the broad cross-section of populations throughout the county.
  • Promote public health initiatives and activities. Participate in community education and engagement.
  • Deliberate as an ethics committee. Review and discuss community-based public health ethics issues occurring within the county.
  • Advocate for policy and system changes that improve the health of communities in Clackamas County. Optional activities could include providing oral or written testimony, helping to identify coalitions of support for health policy, and participating in legislative activities.

Special attention and detail are focused on racial and health equity, trauma-informed approaches, climate conscious strategies and health across the life span. 

The Public Health Advisory Council currently has seven open positions in the areas of Business, Education, Community and Health Care.  PHAC is made up 16 members who either live or work in Clackamas County. PHAC members will serve staggard 3-year membership terms, for a maximum of two terms or six years. 

The Council meets 6 times per year, every-other month. PHAC members are strongly encouraged to attend either committee meetings or other activities coordinated by the PHAC. Each PHAC meeting is generally 90 - 120 minutes in length and one hour of meeting prep may be needed. Day time and evening meetings are scheduled to try and accommodate members’ availability. Meetings are currently being held virtually via Zoom, PHAC will go to a hybrid format of Zoom and in-person meetings when possible. All members of the Council will serve without compensation.  However, positive life-work practices that are available to welcome community members (e.g. meeting during evening hours, meals, mileage reimbursement, etc.) will be considered on a case by case basis.

Proactive recruitment efforts will be made by existing Council members and Public Health staff to solicit new members from high priority geographic areas, priority populations, and a variety of industries within the county. Priority will be given to individuals who come from rural settings, individuals who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), represent the aging and/or disabled population, faith-based, and LGBTQIA+ community. The Council is looking for members that are representative of the county’s diverse populations and ideally will represent different ethnicities, religious beliefs, geographic locations, socioeconomic statuses, physical abilities, career experiences, educational backgrounds and/or other diversities and be able to participate consistently. 

Application deadline is March 15, 2023. For more information, contact Susan Berns-Norman at