Otty Road Fire Update

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Clackamas County continues to coordinate with local officials in response to the Otty Road commercial fire. The public is encouraged to review ongoing information at

Questions from affected residents and other members of the public can be answered by calling 2-1-1. 

The county’s primary concern continues to be health and safety for the community. Two buildings near the fire were put under evacuation orders, which continue to be in place due to hazardous materials risk. Clackamas County has worked to ensure those people have a place to go with an emergency shelter. 

Ash and debris is a concern, due to the potential hazardous materials from the fire (asbestos). The county is aware that ash may be resting on the streets, private property and elsewhere in surrounding areas. This could extend up to one mile away in some directions. 

The county is working to sweep up the surrounding and affected roads. It's not advised for the public to clean ash or debris up themselves. To report debris, please contact the county at with specific details about the location and debris. If you see ash or debris, keep children and pets away until it has been cleaned.

Dead person found 

While responders were going through the two buildings under evacuation orders, it was discovered that a resident was deceased within one of the units. 

The State Medical Examiner’s office has reviewed the circumstances of the death and concluded that death occurred prior to the fire. There is no connection between the decedent and the fire.