ClackCo continues responding to Otty Road fire

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County securing housing options for displaced residents

Clackamas County continues to coordinate with local officials in response to the Otty Road commercial fire. 

The county’s primary concern continues to be the health and safety of community members. Two buildings across the street from the fire in the Rosewood Station housing complex — 8810 and 8820 S.E. Otty Road — remain under evacuation advisories, which continue to be in place due to hazardous materials risk (asbestos). 

Preliminary air tests in and around those buildings are generally reassuring. Tests on the ash found in the buildings are expected on Tuesday or Wednesday, which is the county’s primary health concern for building residents. Please note this information has been updated

Based on DEQ recommendations, the county is contacting all of the two building's residents and offering alternative short-term housing options. Please note this information has been updated

Yesterday, Clackamas County contacted/reached out to all of the two building’s households to inform them about the potential risks and an emergency shelter in Oregon City. However, residents chose to stay or found other accommodations. Clackamas County is reaching out again today to all of the two building's households to strongly encourage them to abide by the evacuation recommendation and temporarily relocate to an alternative short-term housing option. 

Questions from affected residents and other members of the public can be answered by calling 2-1-1. The public is encouraged to review ongoing information at

Community meeting 

A community meeting is being planned for either later this afternoon or tomorrow, depending on community space availability. Clackamas County will message that as soon as details are confirmed. 

Ash/debris elsewhere

Ash and debris is a concern, due to the potential hazardous materials from the fire (asbestos). The county is aware that ash may be resting on the streets, private property and elsewhere in surrounding areas. This could extend up to one mile away in some directions. The county is working to clean up the surrounding and affected roads that have ash/debris. 

It's not advised for the public to clean ash or debris up themselves, due to the possibility of kicking up harmful materials in the air. 

To report debris, please contact the county at with specific details about the location and debris. If you see ash or debris, keep children and pets away until it has been cleaned.