Test results find no asbestos in surface samples at Otty Road commercial building fire

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Oregon City, OR — Clackamas County officials on Tuesday announced there were no detections of asbestos in the surface wipe testing related to the commercial fire this past weekend 8800 block of SE Otty Road in unincorporated Clackamas County.

The surface sample testing was performed at 8810 and 8820 SE Otty Road, south of the incident site, by contractors certified by the Department of Environmental Quality. This location was the most directly impacted area.

County officials said it is safe for those who evacuated due to the fire to re-enter their homes.

“In this difficult situation, we are relieved by this good news,” said Dr. Sarah Present, the Clackamas County Public Health Officer. “We’re reassured the results didn’t find any asbestos, and we want our friends, family members and neighbors in the affected community off Otty Road to be able to rest easy knowing these results.”

Clackamas County developed a website with resources for residents to learn more about the fire. Visit https://www.clackamas.us/ottyroad to find “Frequently Asked Questions,” written instructions on how to safely clean up fire debris and more.

The building that caught fire is owned by the Clackamas County Development Agency. Plans to demolish the building are currently underway in the coming weeks.

About asbestos: Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is present at low levels in some soils and was used widely in building materials throughout the last century. Long-term exposure has been found to cause cancer and respiratory health issues. However, most people are exposed to some asbestos over the course of their lives and very few have any health problems because of it.

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