Short-Term Rental Housing Regulations

These regulations include provisions for short-term rental owners to register with the county every two years and pay a fee to help cover the costs of administration and enforcement. The exact fee amount has not been set, but has been estimated to be in the range of $800 to $900 for each two-year registration.

What Planning and Zoning Division staff worked with the community and the Board of County Commissioners to develop draft regulations for properties used as short-term or vacation rentals in unincorporated Clackamas County (outside of city limits).
Why The County Zoning Ordinance did not clearly allow short-term or vacation rentals.
Where The adopted regulations only apply in unincorporated Clackamas County, not inside any of the cities in Clackamas County.

A short-term rental means a dwelling unit, or portion of a dwelling unit, that is rented to any person or entity for lodging or residential purposes, for a period of up to 30 consecutive nights.

  • The operator/host typically pays income tax, self-employment tax and lodging/hotel tax
  • Operators/hosts may be owners, renters or property management companies.
  • The properties are often advertised on websites such as Airbnb, Vacasa, HomeAway, VRBO, and

Key components of the regulations include the following:

  • Regulations only apply outside of city limits in unincorporated Clackamas County.
  • All short-term rentals will be subject to the same regulations, except short-term rental properties inside the Portland metropolitan urban growth boundary are required to be the owner’s primary residence or located on the same lot as the owner's primary residence or adjacent to that lot. (The owner is not required to be there when the short-term rental is occupied.)
  • Short-term rentals will have to be registered with the county and pay a registration fee.
  • Maximum overnight occupancy of two people per sleeping area plus four additional people, not to exceed 15 people.
  • One off-street parking spot required for each two sleeping areas
  • Garbage pick-up at least once a week; outdoor garbage containers required to be covered
  • Posted quiet hours from 10 p.m. – 7 a.m.
  • Building and fire safety requirements related to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, emergency escape routes, fire extinguishers, etc.

Meetings and Updates

June 30, 2022 BCC Public Hearing
Board of Commissioners delays implementation of regulations until July 1, 2023
June 23, 2022 BCC Public Hearing
  • Approved delaying the second public hearing until Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022.  (Two hearings are required in order for a code to be repealed, amended or adopted.) 
  • Agreed to consider, at their June 30 business meeting, an order to delay implementation of the current ordinance until 2023.  (This is needed since the ordinance will still be in place until at least the second public hearing on Sept. 8.)

Repeal of this ordinance would only remove language in the County Code that establishes business regulations for short-term rentals. Any such repeal would not affect the following:

  • Whether short-term rentals would be explicitly allowed in unincorporated Clackamas County, as stated in the Zoning & Development Ordinance (ZDO), and
  • Whether short-term rental owners would continue to be subject to the required county transient lodging tax and the state transient lodging tax.
May 10, 2022 Board Issues Session
May 4, 2022 Board Policy Session
March 30, 2021 Board Policy Session
Dec. 9, 2020 BCC Land Use Hearing
Nov. 25, 2020 BCC Business Meeting and Public Hearing
Second reading on establishing a registration program and regulations in the County Code
Nov. 23, 2020 Planning Commission meeting and public hearing
Nov. 9, 2020 Planning Commission Work Session
Nov. 5, 2020 BCC Business Meeting and Public Hearing
First reading on establishing a registration program and regulations in the County Code; public comments welcome
Oct. 13, 2020 Board Policy Session, File ZDO-273: Short-Term Rentals
March 11, 2020 BCC Policy Session: Discussion of Feedback on Draft Short-term Rental Regulations
Feb. 13, 2020 BCC Business Meeting
Jan. 30, 2020 BCC Business Meeting
Jan. 14, 2020 BCC Policy Session: Preparation for Short-Term Rental Amendments 1st Reading
Oct. 22, 2019 BCC Policy Session
Sept. 25, 2019 BCC Policy Session
Aug. 6, 2019 BCC Policy Session
June 11, 2019 BCC Policy Session
June 10, 2019 Planning Commission
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