Z0373-17-CP, Z0374-17-Z

The applicant is proposing a Post-Acknowledgement Plan Amendment (PAPA) to the Clackamas County Comprehensive Plan (Plan) to designate the subject property, approximately 117 acres, as a Goal 5 significant mineral and aggregate resource site in Chapter 3, Table III-02 of the Plan. The applicant is also proposing a zoning map amendment to apply a Mineral and Aggregate Overlay (MAO) to the subject properties and and the surrounding 1,500 foot impact area. The applicant has also submitted a Mineral & Aggregate Overlay District Site Plan Review application for the proposed mining operations.

  1. Notice
  2. Applicant Narrative
  3. Figures 1-6
  4. Figures 7-16
  5. Appendix A -Significance
  6. Appendix B - Hydrogeologic
  7. Appendix C - Stormwater
  8. Appendix D - Noise
  9. Appendix E - Traffic
  10. Appendix F - Wetland
  11. Appendix G - Properties
  12. Appendix H - R.Traverso
  13. Appendix I - DOGAMI permit
  14. Appendix J - LU App
  15. Appendix K - Property Info