Case File #ZDO-259 would amend the Comprehensive Plan by adding the Monroe Neighborhood Street Design Plan to Appendix B and updating Table 5-3(a): 20-Year Capital Project list. Case file #ZDO-259 would also amend the County's Active Transportation Plan by updating the Monroe Street route description and modifying the recommended Monroe Street facility improvements to be consistent with the Monroe Neighborhood Street Design Plan. Lastly, Case File #ZDO-259 include minor updates and clarification amendments to the county's urban roadway cross sections: local, connector, collector and arterial roads. You are encouraged to review the draft Monroe Neighborhood Street Design Plan document and the associated draft Comprehensive Plan amendments, posted on the county's Bikes and Pedestrians webpage.

  1. Notice
  2. Monroe Neighborhood Street Design Plan
  3. Figure 5 - 1a Typical Urban Major Arterial Cross Section
  4. Figure 5 - 1b Typical Urban Minor Arterial Cross Section
  5. Figure 5 - 1c Typical Urban Collector Cross Section
  6. Figure 5 - 1d Typical Urban Connector Cross Section
  7. Figure 5 - 1e Typical Urban Local Cross Section
  8. Appendix B
  9. Proposed Active Transportation Plan Amendments
  10. Table 5-3a 20-Year Capital Projects