Clackamas County tracking marijuana-related land use applications, code enforcement complaints

From: Ellen Rogalin, Clackamas County Department of Transportation & Development, 503-742-4272

On Jan. 4, Clackamas County's new marijuana land use ordinance approved by the Board of Commissioners became effective and the county began accepting land use applications for marijuana-related businesses.

In the three weeks since then, the County has received 37 applications. The applications are going through the usual land use application review process, and approvals are likely to begin as early as this week.

The Clackamas County Code Enforcement Division is also ready to respond to any complaints regarding marijuana businesses, and will be tracking the number and type of violations, and staff time associated with bringing any violators into compliance.

The county's Code Enforcement Manager, Scott Caufield, stated, "We plan to diligently pursue any marijuana-related violations, especially those that might impact life, health or safety. Code enforcement for marijuana businesses is a top priority for us and the Board. With the new ordinance that became effective January 4, we now have something to enforce."

Because of limited resources, the Code Enforcement Division utilizes a priority system and guidelines approved by the Board of Commissioners on which it bases its response to complaints. 

  • Life, health and safety issues are always top priority,
  • Complaints submitted anonymously (that is, where no complainant information is provided) are not investigated, and
  • Complaints submitted confidentially (that is, by people willing to provide their name but who ask that it not be disclosed) are investigated on the first complaint for life, health or safety issues, and after more than one complaint for lower-priority issues.

The division's complaints intake policy reviews different types of complaints and responses. The marijuana land use permitting process and guidelines provides additional details for people thinking of applying for a land use permit.

For more information, members of the media and public may contact Community Relations Specialist Ellen Rogalin at 503-742-4274.