Clackamas County Board sets May advisory vote on voter-approved funding for road maintenance

From: Ellen Rogalin, Clackamas County Department of Transportation & Development, 503-742-4274

 Media and Interested Parties

In response to the continuing need for road funds in Clackamas County, on Feb. 25 the Board of Commissioners approved placing an advisory vote on the May 17 ballot. 

The question approved by the board is: "Shall the county pursue voter-approved funding for a limited number of years, for deferred road maintenance?"

Commissioners agreed that any options put forward would be for a limited time and would include a list of the specific maintenance and safety projects that would be accomplished with the funds generated.

Clackamas County is responsible for 1,400 miles of roads. More than half of these roads are in fair-to-poor condition. Since the county is not allowed to pay for road maintenance with property tax revenue, and since road funding revenue has remained nearly static for more than 20 years, there is now a $265 million gap between the amount of road maintenance needed and available funds.

The county relies on three primary sources of revenue for road maintenance - state gas taxes, state heavy-weight mile taxes (from trucks) and state vehicle registration/title fees. State gas taxes have only increased once since 1993 and do not adjust for inflation.

More information about road maintenance is available at