County to honor Community Impact Award winners May 25

From: Scott Anderson, Clackamas County Health, Housing & Human Services, 503-655-8752

Media and Interested Parties

Three organizations and one individual will be honored next week by Clackamas County as winners of the 2016 Community Impact Awards.

The awards honor organizations and individuals that make a significant contribution to local communities by working to help those struggling to meet their basic needs improve their life circumstances. The Community Action Board, comprised of citizens appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to help further community action, is sponsoring these awards.

"We're very excited to honor the recipients of the 2016 Community Impact Awards," said Clackamas County Social Services Director Brenda Durbin. "These individuals and organizations play key roles in helping those in need, and we think they should be honored for all of their hard work that may otherwise go unnoticed."

Award winners will be honored at a special dinner at 6 p.m. next Wednesday, May 25 at the Oregon City Golf Club, 20124 S. Beavercreek Road in Oregon City. A local vendor, Just A Bite Café, is sponsoring the dinner.

Honorees include:

Distinguished Services Awardee

Lake Oswego Transitional Shelter Ministries began as an all-volunteer interfaith network that provides two rent-free, fully furnished homes to those experiencing homelessness. The network provides financial support for the transitional shelters. Volunteers may assist the families with housing searches, moving costs, interview clothes, diapers, and furniture. If a family has a larger need such as car repairs, a larger car seat for a rapidly growing infant, or orthodontia for an older child the volunteers reach out to their communities to meet those needs.

Distinguished Individual Awardee

Dr. Michael Norris volunteers as the Medical Director for Clackamas County Volunteers in Medicine. In 2009, Dr. Norris partnered with other medical professionals to advocate for a free clinic in Clackamas County. He led weekly meetings for three years to enlist community input and support. As a recent retiree, Dr. Norris' attention turned to those who needed care the most: the poor, vulnerable, disenfranchised and all who did not have health insurance, resources, or access to health care. This vision became a reality in 2012 with the opening of the Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) clinic, which provides free medical services for County adult residents who lack health insurance, access to health care, resources to support the care needed for chronic conditions, and are below certain poverty measures.

Business Awardee

New Seasons Market at Mountain Park has a significant meaningful relationship with the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center's Meals on Wheels program. One of four program recipients cannot afford to donate toward the cost of their meal. New Seasons Market donations are vital in the effort to serve more than 18,000 healthy meals each year. The market also hosts one of the Lake Oswego Meals on Wheels largest fundraisers.

Nonprofit Awardee

FoodWaves is putting the power of food production in the hands of many low-income and homeless county families through the establishing of demonstration gardens at local Head Start centers, elementary schools, and other organizations supporting vulnerable families. FoodWaves manages programs that develop on-site educational gardens providing hands-on learning experiences about how to raise food, and that promote food security for low-income families by providing start-up materials and training to grow their own food.

For more information, members of the media and public may contact Community Relations Specialist Scott Anderson at 503-655-8752.