Emergency Management Department now Disaster Management

From: Dylan Blaylock, Clackamas County Public & Government Affairs, 503-742-5917

Media and Interested Parties

The Clackamas County Emergency Management Department has changed its name to the Disaster Management Department, effective today.

The new name better encapsulates the primary goal of this crucial county department: minimizing the impact of natural and human-caused incidents, including earthquakes, floods, and hazardous materials incidents.

"Natural disasters are on the minds of our residents," stated Disaster Management Director Nancy Bush. "We want the public to know that a county department is dedicated to preparing for the unthinkable, so that we can help those in need as effectively as possible."

The department's webpage contains thorough information on actions that residents can take before, during, and after a disaster has struck.

Department personnel are extremely active in preparing and educating county staff, reaching out to the community, and efficiently facilitating declarations as needed. In the last several months, staff have:

  • Spoken to community groups about how best to prepare for a disaster
  • Overseen and coordinated nearly 100 county staffers participate in "Cascadia Rising," a massive mock earthquake scenario
  • Activated the county Emergency Operation Center (in December to January) and facilitated a Declaration of Emergency when landslides threatened residences

See the Disaster Management webpage for more information.

For more information, members of the media and public may contact Community Relations Specialist Dylan Blaylock at 503-742-5917.