National Guard building road, parking lot at Madrone Wall site

From: Dylan Blaylock, Clackamas County Public & Government Affairs, 503-742-5917

Media and Interested Parties

This week and next, the Oregon National Guard is constructing a road and parking lot at the Madrone Wall site, a county park that is slated to open next July.

The constructing of the road and parking lot does not come from the county budget, as the County Parks Division successfully applied for a Guard program that provides on-the-ground training opportunities for the Guard's engineering unit while benefitting the county with project cost savings.

"We're fortunate that the Oregon National Guard has such a program," stated Clackamas County Parks Manager Rick Gruen. "The Guard is excited to work on this unique site and we are excited to take advantage of this opportunity to save money while making our future beautiful park more functional.";

The county purchased the Madrone Wall site in the early 1900s for use as a quarry. The defining feature of the site is the 120-foot basalt wall that bisects the property. In the past, this wall has been popular with local rock climbers.

In recent years, the Board of County Commissioners and the County Parks Advisory Board drove the Madrone Wall as a priority project for development. Last year, the project received a key grant (nearly $89,000) from the Clackamas County Tourism Development Council. That grant, along with outside funds raised by the Madrone Wall Preservation Committee and the commitment of the Oregon National Guard, has allowed park development to move forward. More on the Madrone Wall site can be found online.

"Through the county's Performance Clackamas strategic plan, we're dedicated to honoring, utilizing, promoting and investing in our natural resources," said Gruen. "A lot of good things can happen for the county when we are able to leverage our limited resources with external partners. For the Madrone Wall, it was the Tourism Development County, Oregon National Guard and the Madrone Wall Preservation Committee stepping up to help."

It is expected that members of the Guard will be constructing the road and parking lot through next Friday, Aug. 19. Members of the media wishing to coordinate any filming of the construction should schedule an appointment through Community Relations Specialist Dylan Blaylock, reachable at 503-742-5917.

For other information, members of the media and public may contact Dylan Blaylock at 503-742-5917.