Blueprint for a Healthy Clackamas County Community Grants

Over the past year, we have convened community members and organizations to prioritize the goals, objectives and strategies within the Blueprint For a Healthy Clackamas County report.

The new Blueprint for a Healthy Clackamas County Community Grants fund community-driven projects that work to implement the identified goals, objectives and strategies within the plan. There is an emphasis on funding projects that will create coalitions to advance health equity and trauma-informed approaches within one of ten Health Equity Zones in Clackamas County.

Approximately $216,000 is available for projects that meet the criteria listed below. The Blueprint grants will replace the Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) grant program.

Grant Structure

Grants will vary in size from a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $100,000 for up to 36 months. Grant awards are determined by the availability of funds and the quality of applications. Multi-year continuation awards are contingent upon the availability of funding.

The three types of funding opportunities included in this grant application are

  • Capacity building grants: $10,000 to $30,000 for up to 16 months
  • Innovation grants: $30,000 to $50,000 for up to 24 months
  • Impact grants: $50,000 to $100,000 for up to 36 months

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants are required to view the Blueprint workshop online.

Phase 1 applications will be on a pass/no pass screening criteria. To pass phase 1, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Address a priority topic goal and objective listed below.
  2. Be a for profit, non-profit, not-for-profit organization or coalition serving Clackamas County residents. Individuals and County Departments are not eligible to apply.
  3. The grant work must be done in a minimum of one Health Equity Zones.
  4. Complete the Phase 1 web-based application between September 6th and September 20th. The Phase 1 grant application closes September 20 at noon. Hard copies dropped off or mailed will not be considered.
  5. Applicants are required to view the Blueprint workshop online.
  6. Applicants must create a new profile by registering at Select register in the left hand corner of the webpage. After registering the site will send you an email so you can log in. If you don’t receive the first email check your spam filter. Questions regarding the grant must be asked in the “Grant Question” section of Answers will be posted in the forum for all applicants to see. We will accept questions until 5 p.m. on Sept. 15.


1. Access to Health Care & Human Services

  1. Increase utilization of health and human services through the reduction of barriers and increased awareness.
  2. Improve quality and capacity of health and human services through health equity.
  3. Improve physical environments and access to transportation.


  • Increase the utilization of primary medical and dental care for individuals with Oregon Health Plan (OHP) in communities within Clackamas County.
  • Increase the proportion of individuals in Clackamas County with mental and substance use challenges who receive treatment.
  • Improve the community’s capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health care decisions for OHP recipients and the uninsured.
  • Increase number of formal partnerships and collaborations amongst agencies that deliver and provide services based on disparities within the 10 Health Equity Zones.
  • Increase the availability of culturally appropriate and trauma informed care services provided.
  • Ensure residents have equitable access to transportation options for health and human services.
  • Improve physical environments to support access to health and wellness.

2. Culture of Health


  1. Clackamas County will use housing as a platform to improve health.
  2. All Clackamas County residents have access to healthy food.
  3. Clackamas County families with children, ages 0-5, are engaged in high quality early learning experiences and are connected to comprehensive health care services.


  • Develop cross-sector partnerships that promote health and housing.
  • Increase housing stability in Clackamas County.
  • Increase distribution of produce to food insecure individuals and families.
  • Increase number of food distribution sites in Clackamas County.
  • Conduct analysis of current resources to enhance health food access points within existing locations in Clackamas County.
  • By June 2020, 95% of children through age 5 have developmental screenings completed annually, and reviewed by a Primary Care Provider with whom the child is connected.
  • By June 2020, 92% of children have had two well-child visits completed in the first 15 months of life.
  • By June 2020, 92% of children between two and five years have had a well-child visit completed within the last 15 months.
  • By June 2020, the number of early learning experiences will increase.

3. Healthy Behaviors


  1. Reduce heart disease and type II diabetes.
  2. Reduce substance use/abuse and suicides.


  • Improve worksite wellness to increase physical activity opportunities and healthy food policies to increase activity of employees and increase healthy food consumption.
  • Improve school wellness by increasing physical activity done by students and increasing consumption of healthy foods during school hours.
  • Reduce the consumption of added sugar to CDC guidance of less than 10% of daily calories.
  • Increase the percentage of people consuming CDC recommendation of 5 or more fruits and vegetables per day.
  • Reduce percentage of children ages 0-5 screen time exposure to CDC recommendation of 1-2 hours maximum recreationally.
  • Increase the percentage of people meeting the CDC’s physical activity recommendations of 30 minutes daily for adults and 1 hour daily for youth.
  • Reduce the % of youth using tobacco, alcohol and/or other drugs.
  • Reduce the number of attempted suicides.
  • Reduce the number of emergency department visits for drug overdose.
  • Increase the number of trauma-informed care agencies in Clackamas County.

To Apply (and Key Dates)

Apply Now

Applicants are required to view the Blueprint workshop online before applying. The Phase 1 application period is from Sept. 6 to noon on Sept. 20. If selected, phase 2 applicants must fill out a more detailed grant application. Key dates for Phase 1 and 2 applicants are:

Phase 1 - Application period opens Sept. 6
Phase 1 - Submission deadline Sept. 20 
12 noon
Phase 2 -  applicants notification Oct. 1
Phase 2 - deadline for Invited Applicants to submit Oct. 25
Announce Grantee Awards Nov. 19

For more information and questions
Please contact Kirsten Ingersoll at or 503-742-5954.


United Way
We would like to acknowledge our partnership with United Way and their generous donation of $40,000 toward Blueprint grant funding that will help organizations to address equity framework in their applications. United Way staff will help in the grant review process.


Health Equity Zones

equity Zones MapWe divided the county into 10 Health Equity Zones to analyze health needs by geographic areas. The Health Equity Zones serve as a tool for residents, policymakers, community-based organizations and businesses to address the unique needs of the communities located in each of the zones.