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Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL Grants)

The Public Health Division of the Clackamas County Health, Housing, & Human Services (H3S) Department funds community-based projects that reduce chronic disease through healthy eating and active living among county residents.

Grant recipients initiate community projects focused on the first goal of the County’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) – "Develop systems, resources, approaches, and policies to minimize health risks, prevent chronic disease and support healthy lifestyles." The CHIP encourages Clackamas County residents, in collaboration with Public Health Division staff, to engage in activities that will promote a healthier Clackamas County.

HEAL grants provide funding to prevent chronic disease by increasing long-term access to active lifestyle and healthy eating for Clackamas County residents, reduce the prevalence of chronic disease, and empower residents to take steps toward improving their health.

2017 Grant Recipients

The following 11 organizations will receive a total of $75,000 in grant funds:

Group Project Amount
Arts & Technology High School Create fitness and garden spaces to enhance physical and mental wellness opportunities to students. $8,000
Clackamas Community College  Create student bicycle rental pilot to allow students to commute to college. The pilot will increase students access to physical activity and reduce transportation barriers to education. $7,995
Clackamas Service Center Implement a tracking system for food inventory in real time that lets clients request specific items in their food boxes. Improve access to facilities to mobility-impaired clients. $8,000
Gladstone Food Pantry  Develop monthly cooking demonstrations on planning and preparing nutritious meals for food insecure clients $2,000
Growing Gardens Provide culturally relevant education and supplies to low-income Latino families to increase their knowledge, skills and practices that promote growing and eating healthy fruits and vegetables. $6,500
Prince of Life Lutheran Church  Expand capacity of the community garden by increasing raised beds and installing irrigation. $2,505
The Canby Center Provide healthy cooking education classes and remodel and certify kitchen for food services to serve the economically disadvantaged and food insecure population $8,000
Welches Schools
Oregon Trail School District
Create a play and exercise area for children of all ages to engage in activity that supports their physical, social and emotional well-being. $8,000
Screen and Intervene Year two of County matching funds for a Kaiser Permanente funded HEAL Communities grant. Students at Estacada, Oregon City, and Sandy High Schools will participate in a healthy environment scan of their school and implement changes that increase and sustain access to healthy food and free water  
  Estacada High School $8,000
  Oregon City High School $8,000
xxx Sandy High School $8,000

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Past Recipients

Group Project Amount
Alliance Charter Academy Create multi-use community garden, provide outdoor education space and create connections to the Park Place neighborhood in Oregon City. $8,000
Ant Farm Develop education programs so community can learn about a healthy lifestyle. 8,000
Colton Booster Club Replace old kindergarten playground equipment. Available to entire community after school hours. 8,000
Food Waves Build a demonstration garden at Gladstone High School, establish a Horticulture Club, and offer hands-on educational/training opportunities at the garden. 7,870
Lewis & Clark Montessori Charter School Build raised bed garden boxes and erect a hoop house, drip irrigation and soil. 8,000
Metropolitan Family Services Serve at-risk youth in North Clackamas School District by providing access to health education and activities, sustainable food access and nutrition education at New Urban High School. 8,000
North Clackamas School District - Parenting, Academics, Careers, Employment (PACE) Increase access to physical activity, healthy foods, and nutrition information for pregnant teens and their children. 4,700
Northwest Family Services Provide soccer camps in four school communities: Rowe Middle School, Alder Creek Middle School, Kraxberger Middle School, and Gardiner Middle School. 8,000
Oregon State University Extension Develop a series of educational farmers' market tours and chef's demos to increase SNAP shopper's access to fresh fruits and vegetables. 4,754
Vibrant Futures Coalition Address Youth Wellness by making presentations on mindfulness and create stress reduction zones in school systems in North Clackamas. 2,676
YMCA of Columbia Willamette Innovative pilot project to design and implement the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program (YDPP) within Clackamas County by building service infrastructure through partnerships with local, county, state and local businesses, to provide diabetes prevention to Clackamas County residents. 8,000
Screen and Intervene: County matching funds for Kaiser Permanente funded HEAL Communities grant. Students at Estacada, Oregon City and Sandy High Schools will participate in a healthy environment scan of their school and implement changes that increase and sustain access to healthy food and free water.  
Estacada High School   8,000
Oregon City High School   8,000
Sandy High School   8,000
14 Projects Total:   100,000
Group Project Amount
Ant Farm Ties together separate initiatives in NE Clackamas County into an integrated system of healthy eating and active living. $8,000
City of Sandy Bornstedt Community Garden- Purchase soil, walkway gravel, basic tools and construct a storage shed for the newly created garden. 4,610
Clackamas Women's Services Create an Adventure Camp for children who have witnessed or experienced domestic or sexual violence. 8,000
Food Waves Construct an on-site, model garden at Assemblies of God Church in Estacada. Provide community classes on sustainable gardening and nutrition. 7,952
Friends of Sandy Pool Replace worn American with Disabilities act accessible equipment at the Olin Y. Bignall Aquatic Center in Sandy. 5,000
Housing Authority of Clackamas County Create covered meeting space for garden education workshops and garden shed for tool storage. 5,700
Metropolitan Family Services Establish a Youth Farmers Market and create leadership and engagement opportunities for parents, youth, and families at Lot Whitcomb Elementary School. 8,000
Oregon City Farmers Market Establish Adult cooking classes on preparing whole foods with an emphasis on local fresh produce. 7,045
Oregon Outreach Establish a Student-Led Farm to School tasting table program in the Molalla River School District elementary schools. 8,000
Oregon Trail School District Create a natural playscape at Sandy Grade School. 7,820
Schoolyard Farms Establish Fresh Food in the Classroom program at Candylane Elementary School. Students will learn to prepare produce from their school farm. 8,000
Spring Mountain Bible Church Establish public community garden near SE 122nd and SE Mather Road. Provide gardening education classes. 8,000
Trillium Family Services Provide summer exercise program and nutritional education for children with mental illness. 7,000
Willamette Falls Media Center Produce an educational cooking series using local, farm fresh produce for a youth based audience ages 6-18. 7,000
14 Projects Total:   100,127
Group Project Amount
Clackamas County Children's Commission Provide Yoga to Head Start children, families, and staff to support access to physical activity that aids in the development of motor skills, health and wellbeing. $4,987
FoodWaves Establish an on-site garden for Colton Helping Hands Food Pantry and provide gardening and nutrition education. 7,482
Holcomb PTA Create ¼ mile loop trail at Holcomb Elementary School. 8,000
Metropolitan Family Services Encourage healthy transition to incoming Rowe Middle School students featuring gardening, nutrition and healthy cooking, and physical activity education. 8,000
Molalla Communities That Care Install pathway and foot bridge providing safe pedestrian access to the only grocery store in town. 8,000
Molalla River Academy Create pedestrian trail and activity stations at school to increase school student and Dickey Prairie Communities- participation in active play and physical activity. 8,000
Northwest Family Services Provide nutrition, food preparation, exercise, and how to sustain healthy eating habits for a lifetime to youth at Alder Creek, Kraxberger, and Gardiner Middle Schools in Milwaukie. 8,000
Oregon City Farmers Market Provide kids aged 5-12 cooking and nutritional education classes at the Saturday Oregon City Farmers Market. 4,318
Parrott Creek Child and Family Services Create an organic garden for residential program for 85 high risk teen boys who live in long and short-term care. 8,000
Schoolyard Farms Create and outdoor kitchen and classroom and provide garden-education to Candy Lane Elementary School students. 8,000
HEAL/engAGE Project
Lewis and Clark Montessori School Middle School students in Damascus will engage the community to increase access to fresh organic produce and enhance intergenerational understanding by providing local produce to seniors in the community who may be experiencing food scarcity. $15,000
Oregon Health Sciences University ThinkFirst Oregon; Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Program Expand active lifestyle of seniors (65 and older) through fall prevention program in Canby, Damascus, Oregon City and Wilsonville that encourages increased activity and exercise, provides a platform for increased socialization, and promotes safe pedestrian practices. 11,300
12 Projects Total:   99,087
Group Project Amount
AntFarm, Inc. Create farmers market showcasing locally grown food. $8,000
Clackamas County Juvenile Dept. Expand active lifestyle of youth through bicycle repair and enhance infrastructure for food harvest, storage and preparation. 8,000
Committee for the Future of Damascus Expand the existing Farmers Market, make it more accessible, and make payment options available to ensure access to healthy food for all income levels. 8,000
Food|Waves Construct school gardens at Head Start programs in Gladstone and Oregon City and provide gardening education to families. 5,500
Friends of Robinwood Station Construct greenhouse, harvest stand for cleaning food, outreach to multi-family housing and provide food nutrition and preparation classes. 7,800
Metropolitan Family Services Build stronger infrastructure for the school garden and increase engagement in recreational team sports at Lot Whitcomb Elementary school. 8,000
Molalla Elementary School Install walk/jog track-fitness trail in and around the soccer field and playground. 8,000
Molalla River Academy Create a community centered garden. 7,042
Ninety-one Parent Teacher Association Create 18 raised garden beds; utilize food and garden based education in school curriculum. 7,994
Oregon State University Extension - Clackamas Family & Community Health Program Reduce the number of falls among adults over age 65 by expanding the availability of no/low cost falls prevention and balance training programs for adults. 8,000
Redland Elementary School Build new school garden. 8,000
Silverton Health Provide work-site wellness to City employees in Canby and Molalla. 7,600
Springwater Environmental Science School Construct new playground infrastructure for youth to engage in physical activity. 8,000
13 Projects Total:   99,936
Group Project Amount
AntFarm, Inc. Create community garden, teach nutrition awareness and work-life skills. $8,000
Boring Middle School Build school garden and greenhouse to supplement nutrition education and physical activity through gardening. 6,950
Canby Community Garden Association Develop 1-2 Community gardens in the Canby area. 7,913
Cascade Heights Public Charter School Provide healthier work environment for teachers and promote student fitness and nutrition. 8,000
Child Care Resource and Referral of Clackamas County Provide training and on-site coaching to childcare providers and preschool teachers regarding nutrition and physical activity. 8,000
Clackamas County Juvenile Dept. Promote healthy eating and local food preparation. 8,000
Colton School District 1-mile walking trail to promote student/teacher/community fitness. 8,000
Friends of Robinwood Station Community Center Create community garden and community education for gardening, cooking and preserving food. 7,660
Metropolitan Family Services Provide healthy eating, active living after school and evening activities for children and families. 8,000
Milwaukie High School Increase access to healthy foods during the school day and encourage healthful eating behaviors among students and staff. 5,450
North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District Healthy Summer camp for youth in 4th-8th grade. Promote healthy eating and active lifestyle. 7,209
Northwest Family Services Promote nutrition education and food awareness in afterschool programs, field trips, and create a student based food policy review board. 7,810
Northwest Housing Alternatives Provide community garden and healthy recipe's cookbook for low-income tenants. 890
OSU Extension, Clackamas County Plot to Plate program will provide gardening and food preparation instruction in Canby, Oregon City and Sandy. 8,000
Springwater Environmental Sciences School Construct greenhouse to learn about soil, water, food production, and healthy eating. 2,600
15 Projects Total:   102,482
Group Project Amount
Arts and Technology High School Cycling Fitness Program and repair shop to create employment training for youth and promote physical health. $5,000
Canby Community Garden Association Nutrition and fitness education for families. 7,620
Clackamas Heights Nutrition and fitness education for families. 6,000
Duncan Elementary School For a small, surfaced track. 4,600
Estacada High School Build a greenhouse to teach students about agriculture and healthy eating; produce will be donated to local food baskets. 7,955
Firwood Elementary School A walking/ jogging trail to promote community fitness. 8,000
Gladstone School District Create a school garden. 2,606
Hillside Park Nutrition and fitness education for families. 6,000
Metropolitan Family Services Provide nutrition and fitness classes and fitness stations. 8,000
Molalla Communities That Care Teach nutrition and fitness education. 8,000
Oregon City Farmers Market Promote healthy eating and local food preparation. 8,000
Oregon State University Extension Create a community garden and provide health education and employment training for youth. 8,000
West Linn/Wilsonville School District Promote healthy eating and food awareness through a Farm to School project. 8,000
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