Public Health Modernization

HB 3100 (Public Health Modernization) established a new and equitable model for public health. This new model includes services and programs that no person should live without, including:

  • protection from well-understood diseases like measles and emerging infectious disease, like Zika
  • limiting environmental risks by ensuring clean air and safe water and food

Public health departments across the state completed an assessment earlier this year. The assessment determined the resources needed to provide the bill’s baseline public health service level across the state.

They found there are minimal public health programs in over one-third of Oregon communities. Insufficient funding for public health programs costs more money down the road, and puts residents’ health at risk. To avoid the predicament that states like Florida are now facing with the Zika virus, we need to add new staff, and increase our programs and resources. We can do this by adding an estimated $2.8 million to the budget.

We have limited capacity, but work tirelessly to keep our communities safe and healthy by:

  •  creating policies and systems that promote health
  •  responding to health threats, like Zika virus and environmental toxins
  • meet ongoing needs, like the prevention of heart disease and substance misuse

Our residents advocate for policies, systems, and environments that support their health. Because of this, our public health system requires investments that reflect the needs of our community.