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Nationwide settlements have been reached to resolve all Opioids litigation brought by states and local political subdivisions against the three largest pharmaceutical distributors: McKesson, Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen (“Distributors”), and manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and its parent company Johnson & Johnson (collectively, “J&J”).

These settlements will provide substantial funding to Oregon and local communities, including Clackamas County, to mitigate harms associated with the opioid and other drug crisis. New funding provides an opportunity to make strategic investments in evidence-based approaches that strengthen our communities, prevent opioid misuse and stem the rising number of overdose deaths.

Oregon will receive $333 million as part of two settlements, including Johnson & Johnson ($5 billion) and the 3 distributors ($21 billion).   

  • Clackamas County will receive approximately $13.7 million (cities included in the settlement will also receive allocations)
  • Defendants have up to 18 years to complete payments.   
  • State funding: 45%  
  • Local funding: 55% to counties and cities who signed onto the agreement 

Settlement background

As established in Oregon House Bill 4098, allowable use of the funds is limited to programs that provide prevention, treatment and recovery services at the local level. Investments to address the opioid crisis will require continued collaboration across systems and across the continuum of care (prevention, treatment, recovery, and harm reduction) with a focus on efforts highlighted in the National Settlement Agreement:


Broaden access to Naloxone


Increase access to medications to treat opioid use disorder (OUD)

Pregnant woman

Provide treatment and supports during pregnancy and the postpartum period


Expand services for neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome

Hand with a heart in the palm

Fund warm hand-off programs and recovery services


Improve access to treatment services and recovery supports for justice-involved people 

School building

Implement evidence-based prevention programming in schools and the larger community


Expand syringe exchange programs that offer wrap-around services and connections to care


Support evidence-based data collection and research to analyze effectiveness of abatement strategies

Track progress measure impact

Clackamas County’s Opioid Settlement Framework will be led by 5 guiding principles to ensure that the dollars will be used most effectively:

  1. Spend Money to save lives
  2. Use evidence to guide spending
  3. Invest in youth prevention
  4. Focus on racial equity
  5. Develop a fair & transparent process

For more information, please contact substancesafety@clackamas.us.


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