Reducing Waste at Home

Learn about garbage, recycling, and waste reduction for a sustainable home.

Prevent Wasted Food at Home

40% of the food grown in the US is never eaten. Take the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge with your household and make small changes in how you shop, prepare, and store food to waste less, save money, and conserve valuable resources. Discover useful tools at Love Food Hate Waste, and Save The Food.

Repair Fairs

Instead of throwing away broken items, get them fixed at a Repair Fair.

Use Safer Products in Your Home and Yard

Learn how to maintain, repair and improve your home, control pests, and care for your pets using less toxics.


Compost can be easy to make and offers many benefits. Learn how to compost in your backyard, or learn how to compost with worms.

Reuse and Donation

Buying and donating at second-hand and salvaged stores is a great way to save money and minimize waste. Below are a few of the resources convenient to Clackamas County.

Other Ways to Live Sustainably



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