Adopt-A-Road Unknown Substances

The Metro South Transfer Station handles the disposal of debris from the Adopt-A-Road Program.  They recently brought to our attention a concern that unknown substances (hazardous materials) placed in the Adopt-A-Road trash bags might be getting disposed with general trash at the transfer station. 

The Clackamas County Adopt-A-Road Program would appreciate your help in keeping unknown substances out of the trash bags.  These known or unknown substances could include:  paint, paint thinners, oils, solvents or unmarked containers such as milk jugs that are filled with unknown substances or liquids.

When you encounter labeled, unlabeled or unknown substances, please do not bag them with the other debris. Mark the location of these substances with a bag and notify Ron Buck at or 503-650-3347 of their location. Clackamas County Adopt-A-Road handlers will pick up these substances separately when they are collecting the bags of trash and properly dispose of this material at the hazardous materials intake facility at the transfer station.

We hope the special handling of unknown substances will not be a burden to you.  Thank you in advance for all your good work and commitment to this program!