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Joint Statement on PNWSAR letter of intent establishing new relationship with Clackamas County SAR


On May 26, 2020, Pacific Northwest Search & Rescue (PNWSAR) representatives signed a mutually drafted letter of intent establishing a new relationship with Clackamas County Search & Rescue.

Read the letter of intent (PDF)


Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue (PNWSAR) is pleased to announce the first step in formalizing our longstanding relationship with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) through a mutually drafted Letter of Intent. The PNWSAR Board of Directors voted on May 22 to sign a Letter of Intent to enter into a definitive agreement with CCSO. The letter is a non-binding agreement designating PNWSAR as a service provider to CCSO, defining the collaborative relationship between PNWSAR and CCSO we have enjoyed since PNWSAR’s inception in 1993.

Clackamas County is one of the most visited counties in the country, and it takes highly trained teams like Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue to accomplish these rescue missions safely. This letter of intent is a significant milestone, as we partner together to develop constructive solutions to support search and rescue in Clackamas County and the greater Pacific Northwest. PNWSAR looks forward to a robust ongoing conversation with CCSO and all the search and rescue teams in the region to create a unified response to visitors and citizens in need.


For 27 years Pacific Northwest Search & Rescue has been a dedicated partner in our search-and-rescue operations in Clackamas County. Along with the other members of our Sheriff’s Office search and rescue operations, we share a common purpose: saving lives.

This letter of intent sets expectations to support our cooperative work under a unified command structure that brings together the Sheriff’s Office search and rescue team alongside PNWSAR and other SAR providers. Clackamas County Search & Rescue looks forward to many more decades of partnership with PNWSAR, wherever search expertise is needed.