Sheriff's Office Policies

We're proud to provide the public with direct access to our policies. Policies provide formal direction concerning the governance and administration of the Sheriff’s Office. All Sheriff’s Office employees are responsible for knowing and abiding by these policies.

Policy List

  1. CCSO Written Directives — Sheriff's Promulgation
  2. Principles Of The CCSO
  3. Written Directives
  4. Authority And Jurisdiction
  5. Command And Supervision
  6. Mission Statement, Priorities And Strategic Planning
  7. Organizational Structure - Responsibilities
  8. Annual Goals And Objectives For Commanders And Managers
  9. Policy Writing, Distribution And Training
  10. Budget
  11. Oregon Accreditation Alliance
  12. Sheriff’s Appointments and Identification Cards
  13. Performance Of Duty
  14. Employee Code Of Conduct
  15. Harassment
  16. Profiling Prohibited
  17. Social Networking, Speech, Expression And Privacy
  18. Professional Standards
  19. Discipline & Corrective Actions
  20. Public Recording Law Enforcement Activity
  21. Risk Management (Health And Safety)
  22. Report And Review Of Incidents Accidents Resulting In Injury And Or Property Damage
  23. Light Modified Duty Assignments
  24. Traumatic Incident Support
  25. Peer Support And Employee Assistance Program
  26. Special Duty Assignments
  27. Areas Of Special Emphasis
  28. Procedural Manual Listing And Responsibility
  29. Carry And Use Of Weapons
  30. Emergency And Continuity Planning
  31. Facility Security
  32. Records Management
  33. Public Information And Media Relations
  34. Training
  35. Information Technology (IT)
  36. Property And Evidence
  37. Employee Involved Domestic Violence
  38. Drone Use and Deployment
  39. Use of Force
  40. Disclosure of Potential Exculpatory or Impeachment Evidence to Prosecution (Brady Information)
  41. Body-Worn Camera

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