Wrongful-death lawsuit names Clackamas County


News Release from: Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office
Posted: Feb. 9, 2012

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At the insistence of the county counsel, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office will offer no specific comments in the matter of former employee Jeffrey A. Grahn, owing to the pending litigation announced earlier today.


Our heartfelt condolences go out to the victims of this tragedy, their families and all those affected.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office takes domestic violence perpetrated by any person seriously. Under the leadership of Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts, the organization has emerged as a nationally recognized leader on domestic violence issues.

Specific initiatives launched by Sheriff Roberts include:

The Child Abuse & Family Violence Summit
This year, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office will host the 13th annual Child Abuse & Family Violence Summit in Portland. Ranked among the top three domestic violence conferences nationwide, it brings together more than 800 police officers, social workers, prosecutors and medical professionals from across the United States and around the world.

The National Family Violence Apprehension Detail
Founded by Sheriff Roberts in 2002, the National Family Violence Apprehension Detail is a coordinated, nationwide effort to arrest suspects with outstanding domestic violence warrants. Last year's effort included more than 1,000 law enforcement officers who attempted to serve more than 5,000 warrants. It resulted in more than 1,000 arrests of suspected abusers nationwide.

The Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team
Established in 2001 to provide wrap-around services to victims of domestic violence, the Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team (DVERT) brought together members of the sheriff's office -- along with the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office, Clackamas County Victim Assistance, Clackamas County Community Corrections and Clackamas Women's Services. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive response tailored to the needs of each family and to protect victims of domestic violence from further abuse.

The sheriff's office will have no further comment until the civil complaint filed today is resolved through the legal process.

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James Rhodes, Sergeant
Office of Public Information
Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

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