Sheriff's Office, Bill Erickson Heavy Construction remove hazardous log from Clackamas River; safety urged; extra patrols set for weekend

News Release from: Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office

Posted: July 16, 2013, 3:09 p.m.

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[NOTE TO MEDIA: High-def video from the removal operation is available on our FTP site. Contact PIO Sgt. Robert Wurpes for details.]

This morning (Tuesday, July 16), Clackamas County Sheriff Marine Patrol units -- with the help of local contractor Bill Erickson Heavy Construction -- removed a hazardous log from the Clackamas River.
Recent good weather has increased the float traffic on the Clackamas River. Over the winter, a large log lodged in the river about 1/2 mile above Carver Park. The log was difficult to navigate around, and caused trouble for many of the inexperienced floaters on the river.

Last week, the Sheriff's Office and local fire departments responded to several rescue calls involving people in distress because of this log hazard. The log was deflating many float toys, causing minor injuries -- and in one case almost trapped a man underneath.
This morning (Tuesday, July 16) around 10 a.m., Marine Patrol units -- along with a local contractor, Bill Erickson Heavy Construction -- used a backhoe and chainsaws to remove the hazard. Photos from the operation are attached to this release.


Although the log is no longer a risk, the Sheriff's Office still advises that floating the Clackamas River has other significant risks -- and recommends wearing a properly fitting life jacket.

Alcohol continues to be a factor in many of the incidents on the river. Please enjoy the river responsibly.


The Sheriff's Office plans to have extra patrols in the Carver area this weekend looking for violations, including alcohol in the parks and not wearing life-jackets. Deputies will also be looking crimes such as Boating under the influence and driving under the influence.

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Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

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