Sheriff's Office leads successful search for lost hiker off Hwy. 26

News Release from: Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office
Posted: Jan. 6-7, 2014

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Photo: Gary Tuor

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office led a successful search for GARY MARSHALL TUOR -- a 71-year-old hiker who had gone missing outside of the Zigzag area.

A Sheriff's Office Search & Rescue operation was activated, and SAR Coordinators responded to the scene.

The initial call came to dispatch at about noon on Monday, Jan. 6.

On Monday morning (Jan. 6), Mrs. Sandra Cleveland called 911 to report her husband missing. Her husband -- Gary Tuor, of Sandy -- had gone hiking the previous day at the Devil's Meadow Campground outside of Zigzag. He had embarked on the hike with Abel Caba, age 38, also of Sandy. They were supposed to have returned at 4 p.m. on Sunday (Jan. 5).

After her husband did not return, Ms. Cleveland drove to the trailhead Monday morning and found her husband's car. Mr. Caba had just found his way back to the car. He and Mr. Tuor had become separated last night after getting lost.

Mr. Tuor is in good health, is familiar with the area, and had last been seen with his black lab Buddy.

Teams with Portland Mountain Rescue, Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue, NORSAR, Mountain Wave Emergency Communications, Search One K9, and the Oregon Army National Guard responded to the area to help with the search. A National Guard Helicopter also searched the area.

The command post was located off Hwy. 26, near Road 27 outside of Zigzag. A PIO also arrived on-scene.

At approximately 8:40 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 6, the Oregon National Guard helicopter assisting with the search spotted a fire burning in the forest. Search crews reached Gary Tuor and his dog Buddy at about 9:30 p.m.

Mr. Tuor was checked by the ground crews and found to be in good health. He walked himself out to the trailhead and was brought down to the command post, arrived at the command post at about 2 a.m. He was checked by AMR's Reach and Treat (RAT) Team and was released.

Gary Tuor thanked the search crews and all the volunteers who helped locate him.

Mr. Tuor was able to stay warm through the nights by lighting a fire. Once he realized he was lost, he waited in place for search crews to find him. The fire he built served two purposes; it kept him warm and ultimately allowed him to be spotted by the helicopter.


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