Sketch released in hope of identifying Redland armed burglary / robbery suspects

News Release from: Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office

Posted: November 3, 2015, 3:03 p.m.


Please reference Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Case # 15-28070


Suspect sketchOn Saturday, October 19, 2015, early afternoon, a resident interrupted a burglary in the 19000 block of SE Fishers Mill Rd outside of Oregon City. Two burglary suspects were armed and prepared to commit a takeover-type robbery. When the male resident walked in on the suspects, one of the suspects held him at gunpoint and used plastic ties to bind his hands and feet. Multiple items, including firearms, were taken from the residence.

After the suspects left, the resident was able to free himself enough to call 911. Responding Deputies had to assist him in removing the rest of the restraints.

He told investigators both males were armed with handguns.

One of the suspects is described as a white male, mid 30s, 6 foot tall, 220 pounds and heavier-set, with brownish colored hair. He was wearing a navy blue pullover sweatshirt with bright green "Nike" on the front, dark pants, and dark colored hiking style shoes.

The second male suspect is only described as a white male, mid 30s, also around 6 foot, and heavyset. He was wearing dark clothes and jeans.

The suspects may have fled the scene in a black 2-door sedan.

A sketch of the first male subject is included.

Since January, there have been almost 40 burglaries in the Redland and Beavercreek area. Detectives are asking for the public's help to identify this suspect or provide any tips leading to identifying suspect(s) committing burglaries in this area.


If you have any information regarding this case or any criminal activity, please contact the Sheriff's Office using our Tip Line -- by calling (503) 723-4949 or using the online email form. Please reference Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Case # 15-28070.


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