Posse returns to patrol Town Center parking lot on horseback -- once again with our Bike Patrol

News Release from: Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office

Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 3:43 p.m.


Sheriff's Posse and Bike Patrol at Clackamas Town Center


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This Friday (Nov. 27, 2015), the Clackamas County Sheriff's Posse kicks off its annual holiday-season presence on horseback patrol in the Clackamas Town Center parking lot.

This time around, they're once again joined by enhanced Sheriff's Office bicycle patrols.

This will be the 18th year the Posse has worked with the Town Center to welcome shoppers and provide a striking holiday presence -- and the Bike Patrol's second.

Last year's Posse/bike patrol initiative was a big success. "After a weekend of increased patrols, I'm happy to report there were no reported vehicle break-ins during the enhanced service time," said Sgt. Bradley O'Neil in one Nov. 30, 2014 email. "We did not catch anyone breaking into or even attempting to break into cars. A lot of that has to do with the high visibility of the increased Town Center security, mounted posse and CCSO Bike patrol."

Another example: In December 2013, three Posse members on duty at the Town Center spotted a man wearing a surgical mask running out the door carrying stolen items. The Posse sprang into action and caught up with the suspect on their horses. They were then able to get a description of his car's license plate number and gave that information to the Sheriff's Office. The man was arrested at his home that afternoon.

The Posse encourages the public to come meet our four-legged partners during this holiday season. The Posse will stage their trucks and trailers in the south lot of the Town Center, just south of Sears.

Photos of the Posse and Bike Patrol are linked above.

The Sheriff's Office reminds shoppers to lock their car doors and keep valuables stowed away and out of sight while away from their vehicles.


The media is invited to meet the horse at 10 a.m. on Friday (Nov. 27) in the south lot of the Town Center, just south of Sears.

Media inquiries should be directed to Jessica Curtis at Clackamas Town Center.


The Sheriff's Posse -- founded in 1939 by Clackamas County citizens -- is an all-volunteer organization that serves the Sheriff's Office and the county in several ways:

  • The Posse perpetuates interest in Western horsemanship, as well as customs and traditions from the early days of the State of Oregon.
  • The Posse participates in search-and-rescue missions as requested.
  • The Posse provides mounted patrols as needed, as well as support for special events.
  • The Posse also participates in several charitable causes.

To learn more about the Sheriff's Posse, click here.


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