UPDATED w/ NEW SEIZURES, CHARGES: CCITF serves warrant on King Rd. drug house, arrests two, seizes drugs, cash, chemicals, Trail Cards

News Release from: Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office

Posted: March 3, 2016, 8:11 a.m.

CCITF bust



After the March 1 search of Douglas Corbus' residence at 6306 SE King Road -- which led to a significant haul of drugs, cash, chemicals, and Trail Cards -- the CCITF expanded its investigation ... resulting in a new search that yielded an additional haul of guns, drugs and cash.

CCITF investigators developed information that suspect Corbus had a storage unit in Clackamas County that contained additional evidence.

The investigators obtained an additional search warrant for that storage unit -- which was located late on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

While searching the storage unit, the CCITF unearthed an extraordinary cache of additional items, including:

  • 3 firearms -- including two guns stolen during a Milwaukie burglary last month. (Mr. Corbus is a convicted felon, resulting in him being charged with new counts of Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Ex Con in Possession of a Firearm.)
  • A large amount of several types of anabolic steroids
  • Over 3000 pills of Oxycodone
  • 17 lbs. of marijuana
  • In excess of 1 pound of methamphetamine
  • A significant amount of dried psilocybin mushrooms
  • About $82,728 in cash
  • Two counterfeit $50 bills

Finally, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Hazardous Materials team was called out for a second time this week to seize components for the creation of a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory.

All of this evidence -- combined with the evidence seized earlier this week -- leads CCITF investigators to believe they have intercepted a major criminal enterprise.

As a result of these new seizures and related charges, Mr. Corbus' bail has been increased to $500,000 with full bail required.

More photos of this extraordinary evidence haul are attached.

This success points out the value of the inter-agency nature of this team -- which includes investigators from Oregon City Police, Canby Police, Milwaukie Police, Gladstone Police, Oregon State Police and federal agencies, all pooling resources to take on complex and sophisticated criminal organizations.

EARLIER (March 3, 2016, 8:11 a.m.)

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, investigators from the Clackamas County Inter-agency Task Force (CCITF) served search warrants at 6306 SE King Road in unincorporated Clackamas County -- the culmination of a long-term investigation into alleged illegal narcotics distribution by Douglas Corbus, 42, who lives at the address.

CCITF investigators say they have received numerous complaints surrounding Mr. Corbus and his residence relating to illegal narcotics activity.

CCITF investigators seized methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, Suboxone, anabolic steroids and morphine from inside the residence. Investigators also seized over $6,700 in cash -- and located chemicals and equipment used in the manufacture of methamphetamines inside the garage, which is attached to the house located at 6306 SE King Road.

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Hazardous Materials Response Team was called and responded to safely seize the dangerous chemicals.

As part of the investigation, CCITF investigators also located and seized 10 Oregon Trail Cards -- which investigators believe were traded by their owners for narcotics.

CCITF investigators arrested Douglas Arthur Lee Corbus and lodged him at the Clackamas County Jail for the following charges:

  • Distribution and Possession of Heroin, Oxycodone, Methamphetamine and Cocaine
  • Forgery in the First Degree
  • Possession of a Precursor Substance

Corbus' bail is set at $210,000. His full booking info is here.

CCITF investigators also arrested Kaylena Jo Millard, 40, at the address, where she reportedly lived with Corbus. She is lodged at the Clackamas County Jail on the following charges:

  • Distribution and Possession of Heroin, Oxycodone, Methamphetamine, Cocaine
  • Identity Theft

Millard's bail is set at $185,000. Her full booking info is here.

Booking photos of Corbus and Millard are linked above, as is a photo of evidence seized during the warrant service.


The Clackamas County Inter-agency Task Force (CCITF) is a coordinated group effort by state, local and federal law-enforcement officials to reduce illegal drugs and related crimes in Clackamas County.

The United States Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) designated Clackamas County as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) in 2008. The CCITF is funded in part by Oregon's HIDTA program grants, which administered by ONDCP.

The CCITF's investigative focus is identified by Task Force member communities and tips from the public.


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