CCITF seizes 100,000 pills in bust at Oregon City dog-breeding operation; authorities investigating animal conditions; pix, video available; tips sought

News Release from: Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office

Posted: Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016


CCSO Case # 16-70352 collage

Please reference CCSO Case # 16-70352



Oregon Humane Society agents recovered the following animals from the scene:

  • Lab puppies, each 14 weeks old
  • 4 newborn Chihuahuas
  • 2 adult Chihuahuas
  • 1 adult German Shepherd

EARLIER (Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016, 3:06 p.m.)

This morning (Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016), deputies with the Clackamas County Inter-agency Task Force (CCITF) seized tens of thousands of illegal pills from a residence in unincorporated Oregon City, making four arrests. Authorities are also investigating conditions at the dog-breeding operation found there.

Photos are attached. B-roll video of conditions at the crime scene is available here.

The investigation began when CCITF agents, acting on tips, executed a search warrant at 16434 S. Harding Rd. in Oregon City. Task Force members seized over $7,000 in cash and approximately 100,000 Tramadol opioid pills at the scene, making four arrests.

Once there, law-enforcement personnel made another discovery: a breeding operation involving approximately a dozen puppies and numerous other dogs of various ages and breeds. Breeds found on the scene at this writing included what appeared to be black and golden Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas and Cocker Spaniels. (For additional details on the animals, contact the Oregon Humane Society and Clackamas County Dog Services.)

Promotional materials found on-site stated that the occupants were breeding pure AKC registered Black Lab puppies. The advertisements stated that the puppies were in a "loving home" and "always around children" -- further stating that the puppies came from a "champion bloodline."

Responding deputies found dead rats in the puppies' drinking water, as well large amounts of dog feces and urine in the animals' pens where they lived and played.

These conditions are conveyed in the attached photos, as well as the Dropbox B-roll video.

Arrests today include:

1. Natalya Koroteev
Charge: Distribution of a Controlled Substance
Complete booking info

2. Ivan Koroteev
Charge: Probation Warrant
Complete booking info

3. Irina Koroteev
Charges: Distribution of a Controlled Substance, Tampering with Evidence
Complete booking info

4. Dmitry Koroteev
Charge: Misdemeanor Warrant:  Driving While Suspended -- Failure to Appear
Complete booking info

Booking photos are linked above.

This is now an investigation into the conditions the dogs were found in, in addition to the drug investigation. Investigators on-scene reported that conditions the puppies were living in included standing water that appeared to be a mixture of urine and feces, with an overwhelming odor of animal waste.  

Oregon Humane Society (OHS) agents are responding to help with the investigation, as is Clackamas County Dog Services. They have taken custody of some of the animals; questions about the care and status of those animals should be referred to OHS and Dog Services.  

Clackamas County Code Enforcement also responded, and is conducting an investigation into the living conditions on the property.

Attached to this release are photos and B-roll video showing the conditions in which the animals were found. You can download high-def video suitable for news stories from here.


Investigators are looking for anyone who might have had dealings with the Koroteevs. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Sheriff's Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form -- please reference CCSO Case # 16-70352.


The Clackamas County Inter-agency Task Force (CCITF) is a coordinated group effort by state, local and federal law-enforcement officials to reduce illegal drugs and related crimes -- including child endangerment -- in Clackamas County.

The United States Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) designated Clackamas County as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) in 2008. The CCITF is funded in part by Oregon's HIDTA program grants, which administered by ONDCP.

The CCITF's investigative focus is identified by Task Force member communities and tips from the public.

To learn more about the CCITF, including member agencies, or to send tips, click here.


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