Sheriff's Office donates new hoop to mobile-home park thanks to Basketball Cop Foundation; B-roll video available

News Release from: Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office

Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2017, 8:08 p.m.


B-roll video from June 29 basketball hoop donation (.mp4 format)

Hopp donation group photoToday (Thursday, June 29) the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office made a special donation: a brand-new basketball hoop for the residents of the Canby Regency mobile-home park.

The donation was possible thanks to a Facebook post that caught the attention of the Basketball Cop Foundation. B-roll video of the donation is available.

The story starts with an April 7 Facebook post by Steve Shelley. Steve filmed a few of our deputies shooting hoops with kids at the Canby Regency manufactured-home community after a call.

"Clackamas County Sheriff deputies playing with some of Canby Regency kids," wrote Steve. "What a great bunch of men and women. The kids are great too! Had to get this on video."

The basketball hoop was in rough shape. (In fact, part of the backboard fell off a while after the deputies' visit.)

The post was picked up by several media outlets -- and caught the attention of Officer Bobby White of the Basketball Cop Foundation. Officer White is with the Gainseville Police Department, and he's made it his mission to supply sports equipment to youth to help strengthen community relationships with law enforcement.

Officer White contacted our deputies about donating a new basketball hoop and some basketballs to the community.

This afternoon (June 29, 2017), Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts and several deputies made a special visit to the Canby Regency -- sirens and lights blazing, they drove up and installed a brand-new basketball hoop, and stuck around to shoot hoops with the kids.

Steve Shelley added to the celebration by installing a bouncy house for the children, with residents serving hot dogs and cool drinks. Sheriff Roberts handed out deputy-badge stickers to the kids.

"To be able to interact with kids in a fun, non-enforcement way is immeasurably important for both the kids and our deputies," said Sheriff's Office PIO Sgt. Brian Jensen. "Thanks to the Basketball Cop Foundation for making this special day possible."


B-roll video from the basketball hoop donation (.mp4 format) is available for download from this Dropbox address.
A photo from the afternoon is also linked above.


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